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Sherhan Rodriguez- Life of a Dancer

Sherhan Rodriguez- The life of a dancer is not easy! It is full of challenges that push you to your limits that will sometime make you think or decide to stop. A dancer’s life depends on the dance classes, studio, and performances. One has to practice dancing every day for at least five hours and sometimes perform on stage later on the same day. A dancer has to keep himself fit and in shape in order to execute every dance movement properly and finish the whole dance well. A dancer always aims for perfection and consistency in his or her craft.

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A dancer starts training at a young age, around seven to fourteen years old. Then it takes years of constant training, class, and practice in order to improve the ability to do any kind of dance movement and there are levels of dancing that one needs to attain until he or she reaches the highest level which is the professional level.

Life is really tough for a dancer but he never gives up because what drives a dancer to do what he does is his passion and love for dance! It really sounds corny and dramatic but in the real world, it is really true!


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