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Sherhan Rodriguez Life as a Passionate Dancer

Dance is incredible art. It can explain various emotions without saying a single word. Dance is a language that can touch your soul. An artist is a medium who can interpret lots of emotions through the dance. A dance starts form body movements, strikes the mind and ends at the soul. Dance is the medium to impress not only mind even soul can be reached.

A true artist knows how to make his dance perfect for him and impressive for others. Dance may have various forms but one thing is common i.e. “Dancers Passion”. It may take a while to get recognized as a popular dancer but hard work, the right direction, and dedication can make you shine.


Sherhan Rodriguez is known as one the popular Dancer and Choreographer. He worked with with the best in the industry. Sherhan has choreographed and directed many of the famous and most viral dance videos of Lele Pons. He is known for his talent. He is one of artist that is the icon for the rising young dancers.

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